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JK0056PH SG 8 1d red plate 12. A rare mourning envelope dated February 7th 1844 with contents with Royal coat of arms wax seal addressed to Joshua Scholefield,  MP for Birmingham born 23rd May 1775. He entered the House of commons on the 10th December 1832 until his death on 4th July 1844 aged 69 from a stroke some 5 months after this correspondence. The letter concerns George Ashford regarding warrant for his work (whip maker) born 1814 from Birmingham aged 30 at the time of this letter.The letters reads I beg to return you the enclosed letter from Mr Ashford. Will you tell him that the prince will be happy to allow him to style himself whip Maker to H.R.H at Birmingham and also it is quite unnecessary that he should send any specimen of his work. I hope you have quite recovered the use of your arm. sighed George Edward Anson Private secretary to Prince Albert. born 1812, died 1849 aged 37.A rare and a truly great bit of Royal postal history.